Choose your Job wisely !

“Any job very well done that has been carried out by a person who is fully dedicated, is always a source of inspiration.” – Carlos Ghosn


One of the most famous quotes on work goes, Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.Always coming out as the legendary War of Sparta, job hunts can feel like the biggest battles of your lives. From the emotional turmoil of leaving a cosy work environment to the palpable tension of the new settings, coupled with other factors like mentors, colleagues, ambience, salary, perks and work-life balance. The decision of choosing the right job is as tough as taking the decision to get a tattoo, quite literally.

Not always do you get the luxury to choose from multiple offers and diverse dream jobs. However, even if there is one interview to crack and one person to impress, then all you need is to go out and impress them. For you know, this could be the dream job that you always aspired for.

While that final acceptance call comes through, always weigh the pros and cons of the offer to be totally sure of your decision being the actual reality that you always wanted to achieve. Think critically about the opportunity and be prepared in your mind to drop it if it doesn’t fit into your criteria. Remember, if you are content at your job, you will give in a hundred percent to it. Hence, the following pointers will come in handy while you go out and capture your dream job.

–      Is this the right job for you? – More often than not, we jump into a new job because we are done with our old. What happens next is that once the honeymoon period gets over, we tend to start seeing the chinks in the job and get back to being sordid. So while you have zeroed in on a new offer, take a moment to think- if this new job or position really fits into your career goal? Will this job take you near to your lifetime/retirement goal or is this something that you are looking as a short-time compromise? If it is a compromise, then step back and let the opportunity go. There is nothing worse than a disgruntled employee and lacklustre office relationship.


–      Company Credentials and Job Perks – Great companies have awesome employee culture, something that you would not have experienced in your previous job. This opportunity will surely open greater doors for self-development and allow for developing a confident you. You could lobby for greater perks, good incentives, health & sustenance policies and employee benefits. These perks will help accentuate your life and help you earn well; not essentially in monetary terms, but in actual life terms.

–      Culture to be proud of –  A company is defined by its culture and the value stream it prides itself upon. Look for a company where employees are naturally happy. A quick check on Glassdoor and LinkedIn will tell you a lot about the company. Always look out for an organization that keeps an eye out for its employees. Happy employees equal to great business, and hence put your money in where you see great people to work with.

The following quick pointers will help you in taking a better decision:

-What do you want from this job? jot down your expectations and tick the pointers you believe that the job will give you

-Negotiate. If you are confident on your skills, then you should find a way to express or communicate them.

-Don’t ignore your gut feelings. If something about the people, the organisation or even the environment doesn’t seem right. Think again.

-Ask the manager as to what their expectations from you are?

-Do people stick around? Have impromptu, informal conversation with current and ex-employees if possible.

-Is the office commute within comfortable reach? If you are tired, while commuting to and from the office then you should let this pass. Nothing is paramount than physical or mental health

-Ask yourself if you will be proud of your job/designation/company in a year’s time?

-Do you see yourself growing in this organization? Listen to your gut feeling.



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